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Life would be one hell of a Major League pitcher.

No college or minor league prospect has ever mastered the fine art of the curve ball quite as well as the combination of fate, human nature, and randomness that we collectively call “Life.”  Everyone experiences one now and again.  The real trouble, though, is Life is a sneaky pitcher.  He’ll throw you softballs right down the middle and watch you knock them out of the park for years before that dreaded curve ball comes sailing by.

We all like to think we handle these situations with poise and grace, but the truth is, no matter how poised and graceful we are, we all stand there with our mouths agape wondering what the hell that was for at least a few moments.

I have seen my share of curve balls, but the last few weeks have been a nearly non-stop series of them, leaving me standing at the plate wishing for the days of the good ol’ softball up the middle.  And, I am not too proud to admit, I haven’t handled them with a great deal of poise and grace, but rather a great deal of gaping and wondering what the hell just happened.

But, then I came to a few realizations.  I realized that the first thing I had to admit to myself was that perhaps my slightly twisted mind was fractured a bit more than I had been willing to admit.  Secondly, that the piecemeal approach to fixing things was just not working. Thus, it was time to climb out of the rut of repeated mistakes and make the Radical Paradigm Shift.

Easily said, not so easily done.  Making a major shift in your personal worldview is a bit like opening Pandora’s Box.  You let loose a whole gaggle of demons, but at the same time you see those demons for what they truly are and can begin to well and truly defeat them.  So, as I go through the process of altering my worldview I learn about myself and even a bit about Life.

Next time that bastard throws a curve ball, I swear I’ll knock it out of the park.

That’ll show him.


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