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I’m not much of a TV watcher.  I think I may have been more of one as a kid, but even in my younger days I have more memories of watching movies on HBO and using my TV as a monitor for a VCR than actually watching the products of the various and sundry networks.  As such, I rarely get hooked on a show.  In fact, most shows I get into I come to very late.  Fox, in particular, has made me a bit gun-shy when it comes to investing too much into a show.  Far too often they get canceled if they don’t take off like an absolute rocket.

Another reason for my lack of TV viewership is the fact that I don’t like to have the feeling that I need to plan my life around it.  As a minimal consumer of television, I not only don’t have things like TiVo, but don’t even have cable and/or satellite.  It just isn’t worth the cost in my household.

However, despite this, I have become ridiculously and irreversably addicted to “Lost.”  I will spend hours discussing possibilities with my wife and other “Lost” fans.  I watch each episode at least 2-3 times to make sure that I have not missed any minor details that are the key that will blow the whole mystery wide open.  In short, I’m obsessed with that damn island.

As last season ended, and my wife and I were faced with no new “Lost” until January and the beginning of the penultimate final season, we decided to go back and rewatch the previous seasons from the beginning.  Not only were we going to do this, but we were going to do it in Blu-Ray through NetFlix!

That will show J.J.Abrams!  He has sought to hide clues behind the less than crystal clear analog broadcasts, but now we have digital.  Now, I’ll be able to see past the obfuscation and will finally grasp the true meaning of the island.  High Definition will be the tool that shall reveal all secrets!

The good news, I did learn something.  The bad news….I learned that a convoluted mystery with confusing jumps in time is still impossible to uncoil in high def, it’s just much much prettier.


I guess we’re waiting for January after all.  Damn you J.J. Abrams.


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  1. Hi Def may not have shown us the true path and reason for the island but the addiction is still fed with prettier pictures. Just hope JJ Abrahams remebers everything he needs to answer. The notebook and my obsessive infatuation of Lost have many questions!! No skipping the ones you don’t like JJ

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