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Just the other day, my wife and I received the documents for our October vacation.  We decided to take a cruise this year as part of the festivities surrounding the fact that for five years now I have managed to keep her from either A) killing me or B) kicking me out of the house.  This may not seem like a real big deal to some, but my personality is a strange concoction of silliness, intensity,  and cynicism that has to be grating.  I truly feel that after being married to me this long she may be a candidate for sainthood, or at least some sort of combat medal

But, I digress…

Looking through the documents about ports in New England and Canada, got my brain running about all the things that would be worth taking a look at.  Planning out our time in each port will be a normal course of events for us.  We want to devour as much history, nature, or anything else we can grab while we’re there.  It doesn’t even occur to us to just kick back shipboard and soak in the relaxation.

That’s when it hit me, I don’t really vacation in the traditional sense.

We tried a few years ago by trying a short jaunt in the Caribbean.  That trip was doomed from the beginning when the airline lost our luggage (which was never recovered).  There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending your vacation trying to scrounge for clothes wherever you can and spending at least an hour each day arguing with airline baggage claim people.  But, despite this we couldn’t sit still.  We walked the streets of Key West to see as many things as we could, we swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman, we scooted around Jamaica with one of the most interesting tour buses I have ever experienced. We couldn’t bring ourselves to lie on a beach or the ship with so many things to see and do.

And, New England will most likely be no different.  How can I sit still when so much history surrounds me in Boston?  Relax in Maine, when there’s whales in them thar waters?  Are you crazy?  Casually browse shops in Nova Scotia? When there’s a river that flows backwards at certain times?  How can you even consider that, it FLOWS BACKWARDS, man?!?

I’ve begun to resign myself to these facts.  I have trouble sitting still when learnin’ is afoot.  Information and experience I can carry with me all my life.  That day on the beach, it fades away.  But, I’ll always remember feeding a stingray, walking through Mayan ruins, standing on the Acropolis, or standing in amazement in the Sistine Chapel.

Relax if you want, I have things to see and places to go.  You may be better rested than me, but I’m smiling through the fatigue because I lived my life today.


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