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I’ve been working in a customer service/technical support capacity for more years then I care to recall at this point. I have learned quite a bit from this time on every level from the technical to the psychological.  But, the thing that I think I have learned the most is cynicism.

You see, any job in which you deal with the public will make you begin to wonder if the human race has somehow used civilization to dodge Darwin’s law and actually begin to reverse the process of evolution, but working a technical support line, that’s a true traipse down the road to hell.  When you’re dealing with someone who’s computer has gone kaput, half he time they can’t even communicate the problem in an intelligent manner.

It’s funny, but I’ve learned there are two types of people when it comes to tech support war stories, those who think you’re making it up and former techs who have been there themselves and just shake their heads in sympathy.  The reason for this is simple I think.  We, as human beings, want to believe that people are generally intelligent.  That they are capable of cognizant function on a high level, and will always be able to see the solution to a problem with a little coaxing.  Techs have learned this is just not the case.  Human stupidity is rampant.

Now, I know what you’re going to say.  These people are not stupid they are ignorant when it comes to the area of my expertise.  In many cases, you may have a point.  However, there is something about a broken down computer or internet connection that seems to suck all the smarts out of people.  And while these people may not be stupid in general, they are certainly capable of extreme acts of stupidity when dealing with a technician.

No sane person truly believes there is an “any key.”  No one who is using a sliver of the brain God granted them thinks the cops are coming to their house when they get an “illegal operation.”  And, no human being with even a scrap of intelligence truly believes that when i say “right click” it means to take out a pen and write the world click on their screen.

The real trouble of this, though, is that anyone dealing with this sort of thing on a day in and day out basis begins to become disgruntled toward the rest of his fellow men.  Every little act you see out in the real world begins to be seen through the lens of human stupidity.  You begin to become one of the many fine connoisseurs of cynicism that exist in the tech industry.  You can shake it off, but you still sigh every time someone makes a stupid lane change, goes to the express lane with three times the number of items posted, or has to get out of their car to use the drive up ATM.

Believe me, human stupidity abounds.  We ALL have it in some portion,some of us just know its there and shake our heads in sympathy.


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