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OK, let me start this post by apologizing for the lack of a Monday post.  I know my infinitesimal pool of readers was probably plagued with worry on my first missed weekday post since the Jungle Gym ramped up, but it could not be avoided.

I was playing hookie.

Well, I suppose this isn’t entirely true since I did, in fact, arrange to use a vacation day from my job, but it felt like hookie.  I mean, any time you manage to avoid all semblance of responsibility on a MONDAY I think that should count as playing hookie, whether you actually pre-arranged it or not.

Instead of going to the drudgery of work, my wife and I took a jaunt up to the Poconos and a little place called CamelBeach.  For those of you unfamiliar with the attractions in Pennsylvania, there is a ski resort in the Poconos called Camelback Mountain.  But, in the summertime they have a waterpark on site instead.

Thus, instead of resetting passwords and answering e-mails all day, I lounged in the sun, floated on a lazy river, zinged down waterslides, and jumped waves in a wave pool.  It was fantastic.  Yes, as a redhead with a complexion akin to the White crayon in a box of Caryolas, I am paying for it a bit now despite sunscreen, but it was SOOO worth it.

Especially on a Monday.

Afterward we stopped at  a local brewery/restaurant and I partook of one of my favorite pastimes, sampling beer crafted on the premises.  That just topped off a perfect day.  The ride home may have been long after an exhausting day, but when we finally got home and crashed I smiled as I fell asleep. After all, Monday was over, and I had played the whole day.

There are two things I have to say about this:

1) If you ever get the chance to play hookie on a Monday, CARPE DIEM!!!


2) My wife is the best for giving me a day of play as an early birthday present, on a MONDAY!!


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