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Well, today is my birthday.  Somehow, it always feels like a letdown when you wake up on the morning of your birthday.  I mean you don’t i feel any additional age or wisdom, but somehow you are,in fact, another year older and wiser.  The one thing my birthday does do is get me thinking about the past year, and what I have managed to accomplish and failed to accomplish.

Sometimes comparing those lists can make you cringe a bit.

I want to believe that I am taking steps forward in my life, even if they are baby steps.  But, somehow it always seems to feel like for every small step I take forward, I get knocked back by the measure of a big step.  It can be maddening.  I feel like, I may be starting to gain a little traction in certain aspects of my life, but others just seem to be in a holding pattern, or, even worse, seem to be deteriorating.  But, then again, maybe that’s just the melancholy of another year’s worth of reflection kicking in.

However, despite that melancholy I do have to smile.  I have a wonderful wife who is my greatest fan and biggest supporter.  I’ve got great friends with whom I can just be me, and share all the laughs that a world of troubles can incite.  I’m working in a time when a job is something to hold onto dearly.  And, I have finally begun to reconnect with my family in a real and meaningful way.

One of the many little events my wife set up for my birthday was tickets to the Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker show at Hersheypark Stadium this past weekend.  I think that this was one of the greatest gifts I could have gotten, because both the guys in the Flatts and Darius remind me with their music about how truly lucky I am and to keep on fighting the good fight.

Check ’em out below.


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