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Disney is one of those companies that has given me some fantastic memories over the years.  I still remember sitting in a theater with my brother and sister waiting for the re-release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to start chanting “DOPEY! DOPEY!”  The magic of Disney has always been captivating.

But, they went through a rough patch with me.  They shut down their traditional animation studios and went completely to CGI.  It never really made sense to me.  After all, even before they acquired Pixar they had a distribution deal with them that put the Disney name on pretty much everything Pixar was going to produce for a number of years.  For years we had a renaissance of traditional animation with movies like “Beauty & the Beast” and “The Lion King,” and suddenly it was over and we were getting “Chicken Little.”

Over the last few years there have been some changes, however.  And that brings me to the “love” portion of my relationship with Disney.  With the acquisition of Pixar there was a bit of a changing of the guard in Disney animation.  John Lasseter, a former Disney animator and one of the key minds at Pixar, was made Disney Animation’s “Chief Creative Officer.”  Hope returned with this move because Lasseter has always said that he misses the traditionally animated films.  Now, two things have happened.  First, Disney is finallyreleasing a new traditionally animated piece later this year: “The Princess & The Frog.”  And it looks absolutely brilliant.  Secondly, Dick Cook, the head of Disney Studios was let go earlier this week and Lasseter seems to be the front runner for taking over the position.  This is nothing but warm fuzzy feelings for me!

Now for the “hate” portion.  As I’m sure everyone who has read this blog knows, I am a geek and take a certain pride in that fact.  One aspect of that geekdom is a love of comic books.  I grew up reading the adventures of Spider-Man, Captain America, and the X-Men.  And, while my tastes have started to tend in a more DC leaning direction as I’ve gotten older, Marvel Comics will always have a special place in my heart.  For years, Marvel fans suffered under the boot of horrific movie adaptations.  The came films like “Spider-Man” and “Iron Man.”  We were finally seeing the properties treated well.

Now Disney owns Marvel.

I may be overreacting here.  Everything may end up being just fine in the end.  But, Disney has a terrible reputation for meddling.  We don’t need Disney hands tinkering with Marvel properties.  It would do nothing to improve them, and could very well take Marvel to a cartoony vision of itself.  I know that sounds ridiculous to those of you who are not comic fans, saying comic books will become cartoony.  But, anyone who remembers some of the key moments of Marvel history will tell you that Disney-izing the Marvel universe would be a travesty.

Why must the Mouse House be so damn bipolar?


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  1. One can only hope and pray that the mouse will keep it’s paw out of a cake batter that is working. It is nice to have the mouse’s funding, but they should not be in the kitchen when it comes to Marvel

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