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Over the last few years I have slowly returned to enjoying the more mainstream sound of modern country music.  I know many people cringe to hear me say that, but there is some really good music you cut yourself off from if you toss any genre out the window on principle.  One of the artists that I have come to enjoy is Billy Currington.  Billy’s latest single, and one of the most popular country songs out there right now, is a little ditty called “People Are Crazy.”

The thing that draws me to this song is the three truths around which it is built:

  1. God is Great
  2. Beer is Good
  3. People are Crazy

Now the second two are easy.  Beer is indeed one of the good things in life.  And nothing is better than enjoying a good beer with good friends. And people are, indeed, crazy.  If you doubt this as an immutable fact of life I invite you to peruse any online news site.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


The first is the one that is a stumbling block for some people.  For some, they just can’t get their head around the concept of an “all-powerful being.”  For others, religion itself is the problem.  And some just flat out don’t buy into the concept of God.  Intellectually, I can understand all of their arguments.  Taken on a strictly intellectual level, a place of pure logic, it’s hard to argue that their views don’t have merit.  And, for those reasons, I have the utmost respect for anyone’s beliefs.

The thing is, logic and intellectualism can only take you so far in a thorough examination of life and the universe around us.  There are simply too many unanswered questions for me to put all my eggs in the basic of logic.  That, to me, is where faith comes in. 

I was raised a Roman Catholic.  And one thing that many people who were raised that way will tell you is that there are probably as many lapsed Catholics out there as active ones.  But, despite the fact that I am probably closer to lapsed, my faith remained in my heart throughout my life.  Take away my faith, and so much of the world stops making sense.  Without faith how can you explain love?  Without faith what do you cling to when the walls start falling down around you?  Without faith how do you find the courage to ask for forgiveness that can heal you?

I have studied many faiths over the years.  I have read the Bible, the Koran, the Mahayana Buddhist texts.  I’ve read Dante Alligheri and St. Augustine.  I’ve listened to the words of Billy Graham and Mother Theresa.  And, the one thing that I have concluded is that no one knows the answers.  We were never meant to.  Life is a journey that would be wholly unnecessary if we knew the answers.  What I do know, however, is that everyone has something that gives them faith.  It may not be a supreme being.  It may be your loved ones and friends.  It may be your knowledge of the world around you.  But, you have faith in something.

Faith is the lens through which all of us see the beauty of the universe in which we dwell.  To lose that vision entirely is a sin, no matter what your beliefs are.

So, I find myself refocusing that lens.  I am trying to be a better person, to improve myself so as to be worthy of the endless love I receive from friends and family, and to rekindle my faith.  And, I send out the love that faith stirs in my heart to each and every one of the people who read this.

May God, in whatever form he takes for you, bless you.  Always.


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