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I love this time of year.  The trees reveal the glory of their fall colors.  The heat drains from the air and that slight chill I love returns.  The bright colors of fall produce fill roadside stands. 

And Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  There’s just something in the air on Halloween that makes mischief and shenanigans that would normally illicit a frown of disapproval completely acceptable.  But beyond that, there’s a little extra edge to that chill in the air.  The falling leaves make the trees start to take on a skeletal appearance.  And those bright colors, become the garish tones of the things that go bump in the night and hide under the bed.

In short, fear is everywhere.  And we love it.

There is simply something about that sudden adrenaline burst that comes from a good scare.  Fear is an emotion that we have an extremely dysfunctional love/hate relationship with.  On one hand, fear is that instinctual reaction to danger that helps keep us alive.  We hate feeling that, it makes us feel weak and small.  But, at the same time we seek out experiences that make our hearts race and adrenaline flow like rivers through our bloodstream.

We climb to high places and stand on the edge.  We creep through a dark room in the middle of a dark night.  We go take in that horror movie or novel.  We play that scary video game with all the lights off.  Any experience that occurs to us that might give us that thrill of fear is in bounds under the right circumstances.

And Halloween gives us carte blanche to do all those things we wouldn’t normally do.

So, this weekend, take advantage of the opportunity.  Go out and get a little of that adrenaline rush.  Feel that thrill of fear race up and down your spine.  Walk through a haunted house and get startled enough that your heart races.  Turn all the lights off and snuggle up with your significant other and a scary movie.  Just enjoy fear again for a night.

After all, in this day and age, there is enough to fear in reality.  It’s nice to have the chills of fantasy for a bit and remember fear can be fun, too.


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