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Tomorrow is election day.  It’s not a big, crazy national media election year, but, nonetheless, America will go to the polls tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the number of Americans that will actually go to the polls is a sad statement of how seriously we take our patriotic responsibilities.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, the right to vote is a privilege not a responsibility.  I respectfully disagree.  This nation was forged on the concept that everyone should have a say in the direction of our government.  That the men and women who represent us, whether they be on the school board of the smallest town or the president himself, should be selected by the people of their constituency, and be answerable to them.

I know that to some it starts to sound like a cliche, but many good people have laid down their lives to protect our way of life.  From the days of the American Revolution to the current conflicts in the Middle East, brave men and women have taken up arms in defense of the ideal that is the United States of America.  They fight, and die, to ensure that we continue to be able to live in peace and freedom. 

That freedom is a luxury that far too many Americans take for granted these days.

Part of being a citizen of this great nation is participating in its governance.  It goes beyond the old saw that if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.  If you don’t vote, if you can’t take that short time out of your day to exercise the basic right of self governance, then you fail to live up to the most basic responsibility that the founding fathers, in their attempt to create a nation that could be a beacon to the world, laid upon the people.

Too often in this day and age, we, as Americans, give in to apathy.  But, history turns on every election, not just the big presidential blowout every four years.  Every elected office in this nation will have some impact on the state of the nation, no matter how small. 

I don’t care what your politics are.  I could care less whether you are a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.  I only care that you participate.  When you enter that voting booth and cast your ballot you are doing the very thing that defines our society.

Don’t let apathy win.  Exercise your right.  Fulfill your responsibility.



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  1. Good for you. I totally agree.

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