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Today is Veteran’s Day, and as such the Jungle Gym is bowing its head, putting its hand on its heart, and saying thank you to all the men and women who have fought, and all too often died, for this country.

I truly believe that we are blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world here in the United States.  But, we have a moral responsibility to remember that the freedom that we sometimes take for granted was purchased with the blood of brave patriots.  These men and women are deserving of our thanks at all times, but today, especially, we should honor them.

So, to all the veterans and military personnel out there, a warm thank you.  Thank you for being the guardian on the walls of freedom.  Thank you for securing the dream that is America.  Thank you for fighting, and sacrificing, so that we can live in a safer world.

I would especially like to thank two men.  It’s not that I feel the need to single anyone out, but that these two have had a direct impact on me in one manner or another.

Dennis, you are the very epitome of the man I wish I could be.  Your bravery, service, and spirit are an inspiration. You served without complaint, and I’m glad to have you back safe with your wife and daughters.  This Veteran’s Day know that you have my gratitude, respect, and admiration for your service.

Danny, as of right now you and I have not yet met.  But, you are obviously the world to my sister, and that alone makes you my brother.  Your dedication and service is to be admired, and I hope this day finds you walking with your head held high.  Thank you for your service, I hope to meet you face-to-face one day soon so I can shake the hand of the man who both served his country so admirably and won my sister’s heart.

And, finally, to all service men and women, past and present, active and retired.  Godspeed to you all.  May you always know that there is gratitude for what you have done. I may never meet you, but I love you nonetheless, for you are my shield and my protector.

Happy Veteran’s Day to you all.


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