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The world today has become a very serious and somber place.  Many of us move through our days waiting for the news that our job has been eliminated or wondering where we’re going to come up with the rent, food money, and a way to pay for Jimmy’s braces.  Beyond the economic woes, there is plenty of misery in the world that the media seems to be more than willing to serve up to us on a silver platter.  It makes for a gloomy and depressing way of life, sometimes.  Just keeping your sanity these days may seem to be a difficult task. 

However, by letting ourselves marinate in the world’s ills aren’t we just exacerbating them?  Isn’t the very act of participating in the ongoing gloom and doom simply magnifying it even more?  Perhaps with my somewhat cynical nature, I am not the best to preach this, but I think we all need to take a step back and remember some lessons from when we were kids.

We need to remember how to be silly.

When the misery of the world begins to knock at your door, don’t open it up and invite it in.  Grab a Johnny Depp movie.  Read a Shel Silverstein poem out loud.  Grab a They Might Be Giants CD and sing along.  Dance around your house in your underwear like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.”  Grab the funnies from the newspaper and let yourself laugh out loud at them for a change.  Embrace your inner silliness for a while, let the warmth of its joy sweep through you.

The world will always have a heaping bowl of woe ready and waiting for anyone willing to take it.  Choose to eat the Cocoa Puffs instead.

And, don’t forget to drink the milk.


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