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Last evening, my wife and I finally completed the celebration of our fifth anniversary.  You see, we have been following the traditional anniversary model more or less.  Though, our ideas, like they tend to be with much of the rest of our personalities, are a little outside of the norm.  For example, last year for “fruit of flowers,” she gave me an Apple iPhone and I gave her a Rosewood jewelry box and Rose Quartz pendant. 

The traditional gift for year five of marriage is wood, which gave us both fits.  We decided close to the cruise to put off gift exchange for a month (a time buying measure for us both).  Even with the extra month we were both coming up empty until we remembered that we had at one time said we wanted to try some sort of woodworking class.  Bingo!

So, last night, at a local woodworking shop, we were learning about using a scroll saw, cutting out Scottie dogs and birds, and having a blast.  As we were leaving, I began thinking about all the little classes, lectures, and similar events the two of us have attended together and I realized something.

I just love to learn.

It doesn’t matter what it is, anything else that I can jam into my brain, any new skill I can develop, any new piece of history I can learn about, I am so there.  And, luckily, I am blessed with a wife that feels the same way.  The result is we have more hobbies than you can shake a stick at.  We’ve taken classes on cake decorating and scroll sawing.  We’ve attended lectures on the history of the circus and the historical connections between New England and Canada. 

The importance of the hobbies has become that it gives us something new to experience together.  We learn, see, and do something we’ve never done before and we do it together, which just reinforces the bond between us by giving us even more shared experiences. 

So, I would encourage anyone out there.  If you ever wanted to learn about something, get out there and do it, preferably with someone you care about.  Share the experiences, learn new skills, tap into the creative energy we all have and find new ways to channel it.  Yeah, you’ll make a lot of mistakes as you learn, but that’s what learning is!

And it gives you some great stories.


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