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The holiday season is now upon us with Thanksgiving mere days away.  And, as the holidays approach I, like many people, find myself reminiscing about holidays past and the traditions that were part of the holidays growing up.  And, as I’ve been thinking about it I suddenly remembered one thing in particular.

Holiday specials.

This was the time of year when we, as kids, would gather around the TV on an almost weekly basis to see the holiday shenanigans of a colorful cast of characters ranging from Charlie Brown and Snoopy to Rudolph and the Winter Warlock.  Our eyes were wide with the wonder of the Peanuts characters we saw in the newspaper funnies suddenly brought to life or the incredible stop motion world that Rankin/Bass brought into our living rooms.

Heck, CBS (who showed most of these back then) even had a special intro to tell us they were coming.

Unfortunately, many of these specials have disappeared from the airwaves.  And with the busy lives we lead as adults it is often very difficult to be in front of our TV’s at the correct time to catch up with Santa and the Misfit Toys to see how they’re doing.

My wife and I have invested in DVDs of many of the old specials, and can enjoy them at our leisure.  And, I’m sure that many out there probably DVR a few of them for nostalgia’s sake or to share them with their kids the way their parents once did with them. 

If you haven’t seen them in a while, though, make a point of taking a look again this year.  No, they will never have the same magic they did when seen through a child’s eyes, but the magic of the season is still in those songs Burl Ives sings, Bumbles still bounce, and Snoopy still serves a mean feast on a ping-pong table.



  1. Amy and I make a point of sitting down with Andrew and watch what ever Charlie Brown is appropriate. Yesterday’s was “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and one that placed him on the mayflower. Good Times

    • Glad to hear that! The Peanuts specials were always a big deal when we were kids.

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