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I have decided in recent days that one of the worst, most emasculating things we have to do in life is look for a job.  I’m lucky enough to be among the employed at present, but in a situation with no opportunities for advancement in position or pay.  I spent a fair amount of time and money educating myself and earning certifications which are currently going to waste.

And so, I job hunt.

But, job sites, recruitment forums, and the like are the stuff of nightmares.  Every time you think you find something promising either the requirements are off the charts or the pay is substandard.  It is definitely a bad job market out there, and for those of you who are going through this same process from the weaker position of having lost their job, you have my greatest sympathies.

The real problem I find is that this is a marketing game, and that is a game I’ve never excelled at.  To make matters worse, what you are marketing is yourself.  Should be easy right?  After all who knows you better than you, and who has your best interests at heart better.  The real problem is that I have a hard time talking myself up.

It’s not that I don’t think I have anything to offer.  I truly believe that I have a valuable skillset.  But, it’s hard to throw out all kinds of fluff about how great you are without seeming disingenuous.  Where do you draw the line?  Do I sound confident and assured or obnoxious and conceited?  It seems like such a fine line.  But, we all have to do this.  And, in this economy it is an even bigger struggle than before.  We just have to try not to get discouraged, I suppose.

So, to all my readers, friends, and family going through the job search: Good fortune to us all.


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  1. It is defiantly an employer’s market out there. The fine line of which you speak is in the beholder. While you may be thinking that you are being confident and assured, the employer might think that you are being obnoxious and conceited. I currently have a good job, but like you no real advancement in pay or position, so I am looking. I think that my biggest problem is that I sell myself short.

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