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For those of you coming to get your normal dose of the MovieDruid, I regret to inform you this week’s MovieDruid post is being postponed until tomorrow.  As a consolation to you until then, I will be posting my “Avatar” review this afternoon so keep your eyes open.  The reason for the postponement is that this post marks a milestone here at the Jungle Gym.

Today’s post is number 100.

Somehow I have managed to draw in at least a couple people on a daily basis to read about the absurdity which is my life and psyche, and that’s truly amazing to me.  I hope that over the course of 100 posts I have entertained, amused, and maybe even made you think a little bit.

To think that this all truly started as a joke between my wife and I makes me chuckle.  But, our weekly forays to the cinema gave birth to the MovieDruid and that led to the eventual founding of the Jungle Gym.  I’ve truly grown to love this place where I can vent my feelings, wax poetic, or simply purge some silliness without judgment.  My comments may not be numerous, but they are always supportive, funny, and thoughtful.

It’s actually a little funny. A person as socially awkward as I am in real life has no trouble being outgoing and direct in a forum like blogging.  In reality, I wish I had the confidence and forthrightness I have here out in my daily life. 

But, this post is really about two things. 

The first is saying thank you to the small band of loyal readers I have out there.  Your numbers may be small, and you may be a pack of lunatics for reading this tripe, but you’re my lunatics and I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to take a romp on the Jungle Gym with me.  I do truly value your readership and any and all comments that I give, no matter how few they are.

The second is to make a few announcements.  After visiting this playground 100 times, I think it may be time for a few renovations.  Some of the changes I am considering are still in a limbo existence and, thus, may never see the light of day.  However, two changes that I plan on implementing next week will definitely be kicking in.  They will be two new tabs at the top in addition to the “About” (which has gotten a disturbing amount of viewership in recent weeks) and te ever-popular “MovieDruid Reviews” you will see, at some point next week, “Victuals N’ Hootch” (wherein I will feature the various and sundry eateries and other food-related discoveries my wife and I have made, and will make, during our road trippin’) and “Mixed Media” (a place where I will discuss my passion for gadgets, comics, games, books, and other media).  I hope that these items can be as interesting as the rest of the blog.

I have had one hell of a ride on the Jungle Gym so far.  I hope you have all had as much fun as I have.  I always welcome any and all commentary here, even if critical.  I’ve never claimed to be a perfect anything, except a perfect fool.  And, I think more of us would benefit to realize that the only true perfection in the world is in a bit of foolishness.  I hope I have brought some smiles and even a few laughs along the first 100 steps of this path.  I hope perhaps we have together come a step closer to the ultimate goal. 

Penguin-Like Zen, Child-Like Joy.


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  1. Congrats on your 100th post! I look forward to your new features.

    Also — I finally got the mix in the mail to you and Tracey the other day, so keep your eyes peeled.

    (That is such a disgusting phrase, when you think about it.)

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