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My wife and I will hear from our friends and colleagues that they think we’re a little nuts with some of the things we do or that we do such interesting things.  Usually these comments follow us talking about driving out to Reading to see “Avatar” in IMAX, or taking a weekend trip to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The truth is my wife and I like to see and experience new things, and we find that the experience is much more enriching when we go together.  Shared experiences are always so much more memorable and special.

What I don’t understand is the attitude that so many people have that they can’t do these things.  Not experiencing life is a choice, not a sentence.  People seem to come up with every excuse in the book as to why they can’t do anything.  I understand the mindset to a degree.  The demands of our daily lives can be such a drain on our reserves, both energy and financial, that we just can’t get ourselves motivated to do anything else.

But, I would argue that these things don’t have to be big expensive endeavors.  Everywhere around us there are things happening everyday that take little to no time or money to get a new experience.  Just in Central Pennsylvania alone you can take in any number of free factory tours (particularly in York Co.), there are many farms that welcome visitors to come and see what happens on a dairy farm, there are museums from the State Museum in Harrisburg to The Hershey Story in Hershey that have little to no entrance fees.  None of these strike your fancy check out the community calendars, like the one maintained by WHP.  They are treasure troves of quirky little events and the like in the area.

Feeling a bit more adventurous?  Check out the books “1000 Places To See Before You Die” or “1000 Places To See Before You Die – U.S. & Canada Edition” for ideas on everything from Polar Bear Safaris to checking out the various parts of the Smithsonian. 

The bulk of the people who read this blog are my friends and family, people I care very deeply about.  I urge all of you, and anyone else who stumbles upon the Jungle Gym, to make 2010 a year where you make an effort to experience new things.  It can be as simple as trying a new cuisine you’ve never experienced or as difficult as going to the other side of the globe. 

No one should get to the point where they are walking up to the pearly gates, gazing down at the Earth below regretting never seeing more of it.  Don’t just trudge through your life, live it.



  1. Apparently trying new things together as a couple produces a surge of dopamine, which is the same chemical your brain produces when you first fall in love. So this really is a great way to keep a relationship going strong.

    I’m a huge dork. I learned it on npr!

    • OK, that is truly awesome information. Thanks for the tidbit!

  2. “Live like you will die tomorrow, dream like you will live forever”- James Dean

    The more you experience the less regrets you hold, the world is waiting – can’t wait to catch the next ride!

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