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I’ve talked in a few posts about the fact that my wife and I choose one or two movies a year to invest in IMAX viewings.  And, for those who have never had the experience, I would certainly recommend catching an IMAX show at some point.  As is obvious from my posts regarding “Avatar,” I consider IMAX a staple of the true movie watcher’s diet.  A rare treat, but one that is indulged in with a certain regularity.

I have seen many films on IMAX, but my love for the format can be traced to two particular films that cemented my joy in the experience of seeing films on four-story screens.

The first of these was the film that made me a fan of the IMAX experience from what can generally be referred to as an “educational” medium.  There are several of these films put out yearly about everything from space exploration to undersea life to dinosaurs.  In 1988 a film was released that eventually made its way to the IMAX theater at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  In 1990, for my sixteenth birthday, I had seen advertisements for the IMAX film in the newspaper and, for whatever reason, latched onto it.  Thus, when it came to deciding what to do for my birthday that year, it was an easy choice: “Beavers” on IMAX. 

The film was a fascinating look at fascinating creatures and was beautifully shot.  The presentation wowed me to such an extent that I was, from that day forward, looking to see if anything interesting was at IMAX on a regular basis.  I even had a “Beavers” poster hanging on the back of my bedroom door all through high school.  (And, for those who are having dirty thoughts here, shame on you.)

Fast forward many years.  IMAX has begun showing feature films along with their traditional educational content.  One of the first to be released on IMAX is Disney’s “The Lion King.”  The movie has been circulating for several years when my wife and I, feeling like a road trip one weekend happen across in playing at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.  The magic of one of Disney’s finest films was amplified by the IMAX in such a way that we have now seen everything from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” to “Watchmen” at various IMAX theaters. 

It was these two experiences, two among many since, that truly created my love for the IMAX format.  No other format delivers the fullness of immersion and experience that IMAX does.  And when a film truly utilizes the formats potential, as “Avatar” and many others have, the experience is nothing short of breathtaking.  I would urge all of my readers who have never experienced IMAX, or who have not been to an IMAX theater in years to check it out.

It’s worth the cost of admission.


  1. I remember one of the first movies I saw in IMAX was Fantasia 2000. Steve Martin never looked so big. The part I really liked with that movie, was the whales. With the size of IMAX screens one got a sense of actually how big whales can be while staying dry. I will endeavor to see movies in IMAX when I can.

  2. Didn’t the movers steal that poster during one of our relocations?

    • I can’t say for sure they did. I wasn’t there to pack my stuff and it was on the back of a door. Still, they did steal a bunch of Todd’s Michael Jordan and Dream Team stuff from what we were able to determine, so you never know.

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