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Today is a landmark day. Tonight marks the season premiere of the sixth and final season of “Lost.”

Now, as I have stated many times, I am not a TV watcher. I have become even less so as the airwaves have been taken over by reality shows and the like. In fact, my wife and I watch so little TV that we are one of the minority of households in America that does not have cable.

The reasons actually go beyond the lack of quality entertainment, though. The networks these days are far too quick to yank a show off the air if it doesn’t take off like a rocket. Thus, my wife and I tend to let a show get through at least one, if not multiple seasons, before we begin to partake via DVD.

“Lost” was one that we discovered in this very manner. We actually came to “Lost” when it’s third season was airing. We consumed the first two seasons ravenously and have been hooked ever since. In fact, during the hiatus since the end of season five we have managed to watch all five seasons yet again on Blu-Ray, finishing up just last week.

We did this because “Lost” is one of the most confounding puzzles we have ever encountered. Every little detail, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can become a vital clue later on. We combed through every episode, using the knowledge we had gleaned from season five to interpret the happenings in season one.

It made your head hurt sometimes.

That, I think, is why I love this show in a way that I haven’t been addicted to a television show in many, many years. It’s smart. It makes you use your brain, rather than letting you just turn it off. I like my entertainment to be stimulating, even thought-provoking. The more I have to concentrate on a movie or television show in order to get it, the more I enjoy it.

More of the syndrome of being unable to turn my brain off, I suppose.

So I, like millions of others, will be tuning in this evening to fond out what really did happen when Juliet smacked that H-Bomb with a rock and everything went white. And, the season of arguing with friends about the meaning of this clue, that statement, or the other flashback will begin all over again. Let the crazy theories begin flying once again.

See ya on the island.



  1. WOOOOOT!!!!

    Can’t wait- let the 3hrs of Lost begin!

  2. I can’t wait either. Here are my thoughts on the show…

  3. 1st episode of the last season – so worth the wait!!!!! But so many more questions, they better answer them!

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