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As I have talked about in the past, my wife is an avid scrapbooker.  This necessitates certain behaviors like grabbing brochures for attractions we visit in multiple numbers, taking lots of pictures, and keeping notes at the end of each day so we can remember the small details when she scraps the pages.

Once a year she attends an event in Gettysburg, PA where she gathers with many like-minded individuals to spend an entire weekend scrapbooking.  The event is sponsored by the local representatives for a company she buys much of her supplies from, and she always seems to have fun. 

Last year, the event coincided with a pair of concert tickets I had for a show in Atlantic City, so I asked a friend of mine whose wife was also attending the event if he was up for a road trip.  And, thus, somewhere between watching rugby and downing beers at the Tropicana’s Quarter and jamming to Queensryche that evening we decided this would bear repeating.

The weekend in question is this weekend, and the ladies are already ensconced in Gettysburg doing their thing.  Meanwhile, we menfolk are staring down a major storm that is supposed to dump a foot or more of snow on the region starting this afternoon and lasting for a good chunk of the day tomorrow.

Needless to say, this has put a bit of a damper on our plans.

And, as geeks and computer game junkies we will still find a way to while away the weekend even if snowed in, but one has to wonder what exactly we did to incur the wrath of Mother Nature.  We didn’t have anything planned that was even mildly naughty in nature.  We weren’t going looking for trouble.  Heck, we weren’t even going to need a vow of secrecy the equivalent of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” 

Oh, well, there’s no accounting for the craziness of the weather, I suppose.  But damn if it doesn’t feel like instant karma that I haven’t earned.



  1. Tracey and I should have discussed scrapbooking strategies when I was in Philly. I am an occasional rather than avid scrapbooker, but I bet she’s full of awesome ideas.

    Stay warm this weekend!

    • I didn’t know you scrapbooked? Next time we get together you will need to bring some some of your books along, I would love to see them! (translation:steal your ideas – we call it scraplifting) no seriously , I love to look at other people’s book – there are always great pictures and stories.

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