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This past Saturday I had an opportunity to attend an event that was quite interesting: Creative Memories Regional Saturday 2010.  For those who do not have a scrapbooker in the house allow me to elaborate on a few salient points.

Creative Memories is a company which makes a variety of products for scrapbooking, card making, and the like.  The products range from basic papers to cutters and punches in every imaginable shape and size to digital products that are pretty impressive.  The company has been around for 23 years and does it sales through a network of consultants who market their products through get togethers, craft shows, or other means. 

Now, I know that many of my readers are wondering why you would go to a “get together” to buy paper.  A valid question, and one with a simple answer.  Quality.  The Creative Memories brand is, in many ways, the Cadillac of its industry.  The products are of much higher calibre and more on the cutting edge both as far as trends go and, in the case of their digital offerings, technologically.

Now, this is all well and good.  They are a great company and offer high-quality products to a loyal and dedicated consume base.  But what, you may ask, does this have to do with my Saturday?

My wife learned of their “Regional Saturday” a few months ago.  She and a friend of ours had plans to attend said event together, but unfortunately the scheduling demons that terrorize us all denied them and our friend was unable to attend.

Now, I pride myself on being an open-minded and loving husband, sensitive to the needs and desires of my wonderful wife.  I know that scrapbooking is her big hobby, but it is more than that.  It is a way for us to preserve our memories so that we can always remember.  I also know she is extremely unlikely to attend this sort of event on her own, no matter how much she wants to go.  Thus, when I was asked if I would be willing to come with her I agreed to join her.

So, on Saturday afternoon, I found myself in a hotel ballroom surrounded by hundreds of scrapbookers, with not another male in sight except for a few who worked for Creative Memories.  It was a very lonely feeling.

You see, we men get nervous when surrounded by that many women.  We’ve heard the jokes.  We know how stupid, insensitive, and cruel our gender can be.  And, thus, we don’t like to be outnumbered, especially to that extent.  There’s always the danger that we will be offered up as some sort of sacrifice for the sins of our brothers and fathers.

And, it would be vengeance well deserved in many ways.

But, I can report no such thing happened.  It was actually an interesting event, but on geared much more toward their consultants than the consumers.  I learned a little more about my wife’s hobby, met a few people I had only heard stories about, and got to see up close what their digital products, which as a techie I admit I had scoffed at a bit, were truly capable of.  I even did a little participation in the card making and scrapbooking myself.  (And, no, I don’t feel I strayed out of masculine territory to do it.)  It was a nice afternoon.

I do have to admit, though, I began to sweat a bit when they talked about marketing to men in the digital products session.  It was a little uncomfortable being the only male in a room packed like sardines with women.


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