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I’ve been under the weather the last few days, and, so, this may end up being a bit rambling and come across a bit punchy.  Hopefully my head will be clearer tomorrow and I can catch up this week’s secondary posts on Victuals & Hootch, Mixed Media, and MovieDruid Reviews.

In the meantime…..

My wife and I often end our day by throwing a disc in the DVD player and, depending on the time and mood, watching a movie or some TV on DVD.  Usually we watch one of the TV shows we have taken up on DVD, but last night, due mainly to the fact that w were both sick, we got to bed early enough to do a movie instead.  As we began to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick do battle for the life of Edward Furlong a scene came up that prompted an observation from my wife that she has made many, many times.

Why do they always have to hurt the dog?

It’s a valid question.  It isn’t like “Terminator 2” is the only film where there has been a scene of absolutely unnecessary animal cruelty.  They happen far too often. 

I know I have a soft spot for animals in general, and canines in particular.  My thoughts on the topic are well recorded here at the Jungle Gym.  But, I don’t think that I am out of line on this. 

I know it’s a movie.  I know I should be suspending disbelief.  But, this feels different.  When someone goes psycho in a movie and murders every human in sight, our minds process the horror of that almost automatically.  We are practically hard-wired to understand that killing another person is wrong.  But, society had turned animals into objects already and when we see an animal’s life snuffed out without even a casual thought on-screen it adds to the objectification of our fellow species.

In many ways, I am surprised that these scenes are even considered acceptable anymore.  We seem to have a supreme hypocrisy in our mindset of Michael Vick being bad but on-screen cruelty and murder of animals is acceptable.  I would argue that both are not only bad, but could even be considered sadistic acts of evil.  We, as a society, need to present a united and unequivocal front that states that murder and cruelty of anyone is unspeakable.

Regardless of species.


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  1. Another case even if this wasn’t real dog. Near the end of the video game Fable 2 they shot my dog. I was left wondering why the heck they had to do that. Granted he was saving me but why kill the dog?

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