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Hello, everyone.

I wanted to apologize to everyone for the lack of postings over the last few days.  The illness that I had been fighting since the beginning of last week got the better of me over the weekend, and I wasn’t feeling well enough to post the last few days.  But, I am finally recovering and the show here at the Jungle Gym is going to get back under way.

As a programming note of sorts, I am going to be taking this week off the Victuals & Hootch, Mixed Media, and MovieDruid Reviews sections.  They will resume at their normally scheduled times next week.  I apologize to anyone who enjoys those pages and hope that such an interruption will not need to occur again anytime soon.

Being ill is never a fun experience.  And, admittedly, I am a poor patient.  However, despite my foibles during times of sickness, it is good to know that I have someone who truly cares about me looking out for my well-being even when I am being stubborn or neurotic about things.

I hope all of my readers are lucky enough to have someone in their lives that cares about them the way my wife cares about me.  Life is so much richer and more fulfilling when you have someone like that by your side.  I hope she knows how much I appreciate her and all the things she has done, and continues to do, for me.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to my wonderful wife, who, in a time when I was not exactly easy to deal with, treated me with a love and caring that I can only hope I will someday be worthy of.


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