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I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pattering outside. 

I love mornings like that.  The whole world is wrapped in a blanket of sheer mist that seems to mute the sounds of life.  And yet, you can hear the life-giving patter of the rain like a tiny little feet running across your roof.

There’s something about rainy days that just makes me smile.  Even though today has a chill in the air, the rain still feels welcome.  Somehow the world just seems new after it has been washed in a cleansing rain.  Even an urban landscape of parking lots and cars can smell fresh and clean.

So often we take the little things around us for granted.  Simple things go unnoticed.  I am as guilty, maybe even more so, than most.  It’s easy to fall into that rut where we drive so hard to get the things we want or need that we forget to appreciate the world and people around us.  I hope that I can fend off becoming that jaded for at least a bit longer.

For today, at least, I listened to the rain.  And I was grateful for it.


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