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I try to be as open-minded as I can about trends in culture and society.  I truly believe that when one closes their mind, a certain part of the intellect dies.  We, as a society, tend to have knee-jerk reactions to anything new that comes to pass in our culture.  The first reaction is almost always condemnation of new ideas, and I think this is sad.  If people would apply their intellect rather than emotion much of the vitriol could be avoided.

However, there are moments when something new comes along that I just boggle at the insanity of it.  I try to wrap my head around it, but it won’t go.  Such is the case with something my wife brought to my attention last week.

High school has always been a place where the envelope is pushed in terms of fashion.  Teens like to see just how far they can push the boundaries in every aspect before adults, and perhaps society in general, begin to push back.  It is the natural rebellion we all have to go through in order to find that shard of individuality that will define us and our relationships throughout the rest of our lives.

This is a truism.  I understand and accept it.  I lived through it myself.  As I get older I simply roll my eyes, shake my head, and dismiss it as teens being teens.

But, when my wife told me about the new trend in prom fashions for this year I was actually floored.  I try not to think of myself as prudish, but I think that if my sister had been looking at dresses like these my dad would have hit the roof.  The thing is they don;t even try to hide the fact that the fashion is not really walking the fine line of acceptability, but actually quietly keeping one foot over it.

After all, they are calling it “slutty chic.”

I know I am not a kid anymore.  But, I can’t think of very many girls that I knew back in high school that would have welcomed the term “slutty” being applied to them or their clothes with anything but a dirty look, nasty comment, slap, or some combination thereof.  Perhaps the term has lost some of its negative connotation since my high school days, but I was under the impression that the term “slut” still had some power behind it.

I’m the last person that wants to stifle the self-expression of anyone, particularly youth who are going through the period where they learn who they truly are.  And, I understand that I’m of the male gender and thus not privy to the strange inner workings of the female psyche.  I just don’t understand why you would want to involve yourself with anything that is putting yourself out there to this extent. 

It goes beyond the mere revealing nature of these dresses.  You can argue the moral and cultural right and wrong of that aspect all you want.  What I don’t understand is the thought process that allows you to make the connection between yourself and a fashion trend labeled as this one is.  Doesn’t that label, regardless of how accurate it is, simply add to the objectification that so many women rail against?  Is that a label you want applied to you?

I’m sure that the female readers (few though they may be) are probably rolling their eyes and thinking I don’t have a clue.  I get that I will never “get it.”  But, we men are mere mortals, and easily confused ones at that.  Perhaps I don’t get it because it’s a female thing and a guy just wouldn’t understand.

Who knows.  Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.



  1. I think Slutty Chic should be left for Hollywood parties and awards shows and an occassional night clubs for the seedier side of life. “Exposure” is the new thing – the more skin you show the more fashionable you are – fair enough – that’s the style – do it with class not the wardrobe a prostitute would wear

  2. Okay, I have to stand up for all my high school girl. None of them would be caught in a dress like the ones shown. I know,one of the girl’s dress was gotten a second hand shop; and with a few new beads and new back style it looks great! With the “pretty, pretty princess” skirt and simple top. It is what a prom dress should be for a 15/16/17 yr.sweet and simple 😀

    • And that’s the way it should be. Prom should be a chance for girls to show off their elegance and grace. But, apparently this trend is catching on in far too many areas. I’m glad to hear that true elegance and grace are still out there somewhere.

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