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There are certain aspects of life I have become accustomed to experiencing.  Simple things really.  Things like having food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to sleep that is protected from the elements.  The one thing that you need to ensure you have all these things is a means to pay for them.

And that means a job.

In economic times like these, those of us lucky enough to have gainful employment hold onto it tightly with both hands.  That regular paycheck is like a security blanket in troubled times.  We may not like our jobs.  We may even actively seek different employment.  But, very few of us would voluntarily take the plunge into unemployed life during these times of uncertainty.  Stability in our employment is one of the things that helps us sleep at night.

I work in a situation where I am part of a subcontractor to a contractor to an entity that ultimately pays all of us.  And there is, for a wide variety of reasons I am not going to discuss, dissension in the ranks.  As a subcontractor it is very possible that the people above me could simply make my job vanish for whatever reason crosses their minds.  It is unlikely, but it is possible.  That is why when I heard that one of the execs of my group wanted to meet with all of us sub’s this morning I got a little nervous. 

A meeting.  With everyone.  On a Friday.  I am so fired.

It’s all I could think about all morning.  Luckily, the meeting came and went and it was purely informational with no one being sent to the unemployment lines.  But, it got me thinking just how fragile things can seem when suddenly your livelihood seems anything but assured and stable.  And, while I’m breathing a sigh of relief, the spectre of joblessness always lurks on the edge of my peripheral vision.

There’s gotta be a better way to make a buck.


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