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I have to tell you, the constant news of athletes behaving badly has been tiresome for quite while now.  And, I’m not even talking about Tiger Woods style debacles that get splashed all over the tabloids. 

For years, Major League Baseball has been plagues by the use of steroids and the like.  In fact, we’ve come up with another term for them that almost seems like an attempt to whitewash the whole thing: Performance Enhancing Drugs.  When you say someone used steroids it sounds shocking.  When you say they used Performance Enhancing Drugs it sounds like they just took their vitamins.  The real problem is that the problem has risen to the point where it is affecting the record books.  A whole slew of records set in the last ten years probably need to be expunged, or at least asterisked. 

Wh is my ire raised on an issue that’s such old news?

Back in January, former player and current hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals, Mark McGwire, finally admitted that he had in fact used the above mentioned substances for several years during his career, including the year he broke the home run record.  It wasn’t exactly a light bulb moment as everyone in the world had pretty much figured this one out, but there is a certain level of cleansing power to the admission.  I’m glad he finally came clean, even if it surprised no one.

My anger is not directed at McGwire.  Although, I have to admit the whole thing is more than a little disappointing.

My anger is directed at perennial asshole (please, pardon my language) Barry Bonds.  This guy has been a horse’s ass from the moment he came into the league.  He broke McGwire’s record a year later, and, once again, everyone knows he was using something.  No one really has any doubt about this.  But, to this day, Mr. Bonds denies “knowingly” taking any kind of performance enhancing drug, steroid, or human growth hormone.


This irritates me enough.  But then this jackass (again with the language, apologies) has the gall to tell reporters at an event in San Francisco this past weekend that he is “proud” of McGwire for making the admission. 

I bet McGwire is breathing a sigh of relief.  Thank God Barry is proud of him again.  I’m sure that Barry’s disapproving looks and quiet tut-tuts were almost too much weight to bear.  Oh, wait, that’s actually the weight of the absolute hypocrisy Bonds is spewing!  My mistake. 

You know what, Barry, I’d be proud of you if you would just shut up.  I don’t need an admission.  I don’t need you to come clean.  That ship has sailed.

Just go away.


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