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Americans have has a love affair with our cars ever since the first Model T rolled off Henry Ford’s new-fangled assembly line.  Cars bring us freedom in a tangible manner, allowing us to enjoy the land we live in in its entirety.  And, few will argue with me if I say the American Dream always seems to include  car or two in the driveway.

Cars have become everything from a status symbol to a fashion accessory.  Everyone has a vehicle that just has lines they love.  And, when you finally climb behind the wheel of that new auto, it is a feeling like no other. 

I’m not immune to this, of course.  The HHR I drive caught my eye the first time I saw one.  When the time came and I began researching new vehicles The HHR was where I started and finally ended up.  And, even after almost a year behind the wheel, I still love that car.  And I have Sunburst Orange, which is no longer available. :-p

And, of course, cars have invaded nearly every aspect of pop culture.  Stephen King told us about Christine, Clint Eastwood made a ’72 Gran Torino a central figure in a tale of race and redemption, and countless musicians have sung the praises of various cars from Alan Jackson’s Mercury to Don McLean’s Chevy.  Hell, there was even a band called The Cars.

But, what many people have missed is the amazing discovery that the music industry has brought to us regarding the automotive industry.  Apparently, researchers in the music industry have determined something truly amazing.  They have, in fact, determined, with a certain amount of possible discrepancy, the vehicles driven by God and the Devil.

This may seem like an incredible claim, but it is clearly stated.

Who exactly made these discoveries you ask?  Well, the vehicle owned by Our Father who Art in Heaven was discovered by none other than Marc Cohn.  While, the master of hell’s chosen conveyance was uncovered by country music’s Joe Nichols.

I can in your eyes you are dubious of my claim.  I can respect that.

So, by way of proof, I offer the following.

Marc Cohn explaining that God drives a Silver Thunderbird.

Joe Nichols explaining that the Devil drives a Coupe de Ville.

I rest my case.


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