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Hello, children.  I hope you are all doing well.

I’ve been watching over you, as I always do, and you never cease to amaze me.  Of all my children you are certainly the one bearing the most watching.  You are creative, giving, and communal, but capable of such unabashed cruelty, hate, and violence.

Sometimes I wonder exactly where you went wrong, but I am really just a nanny so it isn’t really my place.  However, I do have certain responsibilities toward you, and I am deserving of respect.  I suppose that’s the real purpose of this note.

Now, please remember, I do truly love you, children, but you are so ill-behaved sometimes.  I overlook most of these outbursts because, as I said, it isn’t my place to discipline you on that level.  However, I do feel that you have a certain arrogance about you that must be occasionally addressed.

And, though it pains me to do so, one of those times has come yet again.

I’ve been fairly stern with you over the last decade or so.  I have used hurricanes and tsunamis and earthquakes to remind you.  And, true, for a time you seem to get the point.  And, yes, I understand I sent you a reminder note fairly recently in Haiti.  But, sometimes when it’s fresh in your mind is a good time to really drive home the point.   And, to be honest, after your tragedies in those mines you dig in West Virgina and China, I think perhaps a slightly different message is needed.

I love your little technological wonder.  I really do.  But they still don’t trump my authority.  And so, I’m going to make you all stay on the ground, at least in Europe for a little while.  That ash I’m sending you isn’t meant to hurt anyone, and if you just behave and stay on the ground everything will be fine.

I know how you love looking down from the skies.  And, I know how much you all love to travel very fast.  But, given the shape of things today, I really think you all need to slow down.  That’s why I’m turning on that volcano in Iceland.  I’m not sure when I will turn it off, but I will try to keep it brief. 

Please, be safe.  That ash can cause no end of problems with those planes of yours.  Enjoy the ground.  Spring is such a beautiful time, perhaps travel by car or rail will let you see more of that beauty.  And maybe, just maybe, this enforced slow down will encourage you all to take greater appreciation of all I do for you, make you “stop and smell the roses” as the old saying goes.

I do so love you all and wish you nothing but happiness.

-Mother Nature


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