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Last weekend, my wife and I took a lazy Sunday afternoon and decided to do something we hadn’t done in quite some time.  We went to Color Me Mine.

Now, I know some of the male readers out there are probably working on circulating a petition to revoke my Man Card right now, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

My wife and I have always prided ourselves on our willingness to try new things.  If something looks even mildly interesting you can bet that at some point we are going to be checking it out.  Color Me Mine was one we decided to try a few years ago.  We don’t go often.  Just a few times a year.  But, the thing about the experience is the multifaceted benefits you reap.

First, for those of us with a creative streak but little to no actual artistic talent with which to back it up, it gives us an outlet.  I may not be able to paint a portrait, draw a cartoon, or even know where to begin with some art supplies, but I can create a reasonable looking piece of painted pottery as long as I don’t try to get too fancy.  I even get to feel a small (and wholly undeserved) burst of artistic pride when I pick my piece up.

Second, as long as you pick your time carefully it can be a very relaxing experience.  As you zone in on your piece and the people at the table with you, the rest of the world falls away a bit and you have a small zone of serenity drop around you.  Now, as I said this is dependant on choosing the time of your visit carefully.  Going on kids day, not relaxing.  Nothing shatters the zen of a zone of serenity quite as effectively as uncontrolled children in a small, crowded space.

And, finally, there’s the relationship factor.  The experience of sitting down and being creative together with your significant other is just plain awesome.  All the worries and stress melt away and you can be a couple for a while, talking and enjoying each other’s company like you rarely have a chance to do otherwise.  There is a reason this place regularly wins awards in local magazines for “Best Date Night.”

After all, no matter how “manly” we guys want to be, we know that the thing that really makes a “man” is knowing how to take care of our families.  And having some quality time with the wife or girlfriend is always a good thing.


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