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I come to you today to give my deep apologies for the lack of updates recently.  I have tried to be fairly competent and consistent in my updating of things here at the Jungle Gym, but things haven’t always gone as planned.

This was one of those times.

My wife and I spent last week on vacation at the beach.  My father has a little place down by the water in South Carolina and we made the trek down to enjoy a week of relaxation.  My intention was to blog daily while down there and have no interruption to the invaluable insight that I offer you on a daily basis.  (Or, the rambling diatribes of a madman. Depends on your particular take on the situation, I suppose.)

But, as they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Once I was actually ensconced in that luxurious place with the scent and sound of the beach around me and work and worry ten hours away. well, let’s just say motivation became a factor.  I didn’t forget about you guys, per se, I just suffered a mild disinclination to perform the requisite authorial duties related to the proprietorship of an internet-based editorial source.

Making things sound fancy always makes them sound better, huh?  Anyway…

The Jungle Gym will be back on schedule beginning today, and I will endeavor to not let it get away from me again.  The additional content pages (Victuals & Hootch, etc.) should also begin receiving updates again today.  I do most of my blogging at work during downtime and some recent changes to the internet filters here have made my life a little more difficult in that regard.  In particular they have, for some reason, cut my access to Google Docs, which many of you may know I use as a storehouse for archived content from those pages.  Thus, new content will begin to appear once again on schedule, but the Previous Entries will be updated later in the day when I arrive home for the evening.

I hope I haven’t alienated too many readers with the extended (and unannounced) hiatus.  For those of you who have continued to check each day, thanks for your support.  More people glance at the Jungle Gym than I can really account for, so I must either being doing something right or incredibly wrong and amusing enough to attract rubberneckers.

Either way, thanks for visiting.


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