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It is truly amazing how, in many ways, things turn around in life. 

When we’re in high school, the beautiful and athletic are the popular people.  And with that popularity comes power.  Of course, many at that age are unable to handle the power and let it go to their heads.  Cliques of girls and mobs of jocks rule America’s high schools simply by dictating the definition of what is and isn’t a path to popularity.

Those of us that fail to fit these molds within an exacting definition are relegated to lower castes.  From these social ghettos we gather together and form our own alliances and enemies.  The social strata that doomed us to the lower ranks are simply repeated in a twisted form as we create the same layers within our own communities.

In short, high school is hell.  You may look back on it fondly, but hindsight is too often rose-colored.

But, the funniest thing happens as we grow from adolescence to adulthood.  The lower echelons of the social strata begin to gain a certain degree of power in their own right.  No, we never become part of the teeming culture that the beautiful people continue to create, but the ghettos that we once inhabited begin to become something different.  They become dimly lit cities fed by endless streams of knowledge and data.

We begin to see that we have more control from the background than we ever could manage from within the gilded corridors of the shallow societies of the beautiful.  While they feed themselves on reality TV and gossip magazines, we whisper in the ears of the most powerful people on Earth.  We are the true machine that keeps things going and progressing.  And a smile crosses our faces from time to time.

For we realize, the phrase should be: “The GEEK shall inherit the Earth.”


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