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Well, the long journey has ended.  Last night I took a final ride on the roller coaster was “Lost,” and bid it a bittersweet farewell.

I generally don’t like TV.  I don’t like dealing with what feels like 45 minutes of commercials in a 1 hour show.  I don’t like the dumbing down most writers do to their work before putting it on the air.  I don’t like the fact that so many of the networks will yank a show without a moments notice if it doesn’t take off like a rocket.  Television generally just doesn’t appeal to me.

But, somehow there was a weird synergy on that island.  Somehow intelligent people created an intelligent show that was not only a mind-trip from start to finish, but also managed to create characters I truly cared about.  And a lot of them.  Ensemble shows of this type so often fall into stereotypes or cardboard cutouts.  But these people were anything but two-dimensional.  I’ll miss them all, even the bad guys.

I think the thing I will miss the most is the camaraderie that “Lost ” created.  When you found out someone else was a fan of the show they were an immediate friend.  Deep discussions about the tiniest minutiae began spontaneously.  Ideas were shared, examined, and discarded or affixed to our understanding of the island.

So, thank you, to everyone involved in bringing us “Lost.”  Thank you for the hours I spent speculating with my wife and friends about the meaning behind everything.  Thank you for the quips that will forever pepper our communications with one another.  Thank you for giving me entertainment that challenged me intellectually rather than lulling me into a stupor.  You will be missed.  We already do miss you.  But, as you taught us:

“Live Together, Die Alone.”

P.S. I think you might have a little Arzt on ya.


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  1. *****spoiler warning*****

    I love Lost but I felt a little disappointed in the ending. The “they are dead” thing seemed too quick and easy of an out to me. Also I don’t feel they explained what the “glowing light” at the heart of the island well enough.

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