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Lately, I’ve been a little on edge.  Work situations for both my wife and I seem to be more unstable by the day, and the opportunities out there can become slim pickings for which I’m fighting with much more experienced hunters.  Some days it’s hard not to let the stress get to me.  But, every once in a while, just when you need it, God pulls aside the curtain and let’s you see the wonder of the world around you.

Now, for the non-religious types, don’t get turned off by my reference to God.  Call it whatever you’re comfortable with.  For me, it’s a higher power.  But, no matter what you believe, there are moments in life where the beauty and majesty of the world are laid bare before you at the precise moment you needed reminding.

I had one of those moments last night.

I had been sitting at home alone most of the evening.  My wife is currently producing the summer musical for a local community theater and is gone most weekday evenings.  I was indulging in the geek pleasures of gaming.  It was a hot night, summer is definitely stalking its way towards us.  And in the wake of the heat, a thunderstorm broke.  I listened to the pounding of the rain and the distant rumblings of thunder with a certain amount of appreciation as I played.  I have always loved the sound of a storm.

The storm was a wonder, and the swiftness of its coming and going was mesmerizing.  But this was not the epiphanic moment of the evening, it merely set the stage.

A bit after the storm had raged on, I received a call from my wife that she was homeward bound.  Neither of us was in the mood to cook, as I said it has been a stressful and exhausting time, so we opted to grab a quick bite out.  After hanging up, I decided to venture outside and wait for her arrival.  I enjoy the darkness and the sounds of the late spring night, especially after a storm.  So, I pulled on my shoes and stepped into the darkness.

We live in a place where houses are not right on top of one another.  This, paired with a lack of streetlights, made for a dark night particularly with a waning moon and the storm clouds still roiling in the sky.  I crossed the street to wait for my wife to appear and turned back to look at our house.

That was the moment.

Looking back across the street I saw the treeline behind our house as a darker shadow against the black horizon.  But the darkness of the trees was not complete.  Dancing among the branches, at every height and everywhere in the trees were the blinking green glows of fireflies.  The whole treeline was lit by the intermittent glow of them in the quiet dark.  It was a breathtaking sight and I stood in wonder, a smile on my face for the first time that day, until my wife arrived.

Life is full of troubles.  There is much to worry about and much to stress over.  But, every once in a while we get to see jus thow wonderful the world we live in truly is.  On those rare occasions we can do nothing but stare smiling at the beauty that is this place.  And, for a moment, worry and stress are gone and our souls sing.

Every once in a while we get to watch in wonder as the fireflies dance.


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