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This blog has espoused my love of the printed word in its physical form, the book, on several occasions.  I love books.  The feel, sound, even the smell of books.  Libraries and bookstores are like nirvana to me.

It is also a well-established fact that I bear the title “Geek” with pride.  As a geek, I love my gadgets.  I used to be very bad at this, becoming an early adopter only to abandon my new toys after quickly becoming bored or frustrated.  I am much more selective in my gadget choices these days, but an array of flashing LED’s and multi-function displays are still enough to make my eyes wide as saucers and an almost Pavlovian desire to own something kick in.

These two sides of me have always coexisted without an issue.  But, now, with the rise of the new generations of e-readers they are beginning to bicker.  At first, it was a minor squabble with my book fetish easily smacking down the gadget fiend without much effort.

Then I bought my wife a Kindle for Christmas and all bets were off.

My gadget craze now has ammunition.  He can easily point out to my book-lover that such devices are so close that most of his previous arguments are practically moot.  The ease of the device, its sheer elegance alone negates much of the my book lust. 

I know that eventually I will take the plunge.  Devices like the Kindle are far too attractive to my geek sensibilities for me to ever discount them entirely.  I hope, however…..No….I know that there will always be books on my shelves.  An e-reader is fine for many, maybe even most things.  But there are volumes that need to have a physical presence in your life.  Those authors and titles most important to us.  Even when I have given in and hold the gadget i my hands I know I will still go to the libraries and bookstores and breathe in the smell of paper and binding glue.

And, every once in a while, I’ll pull an old friend down off the shelf and live the story again with a book in my hand.


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  1. Todd has a Kindle too. He loves it. I can tell when he complets a book he walks around lost looking for a new onew as he looks online. I am not a huge reader but I do enjoy it when time allows. I love holding the book feeling the pages in hand hearing the turn. My mothe worked at the library for 30 years. We lived next door to head of the library for years when I was a child. So I completly loving going looking at the books,and program.Poor Andrew is cought in both world….he’ll know the love of book and ebook reading.

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