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Most of us, as we have progressed in our lives, have had the opportunity to be granted additional responsibility and the power that went along with it.  One of the parts of growing up and becoming a functioning member of society is learning to deal with these situations without allowing them to take us over.  Some people, of course never learn.  Power is like a drug to them, and they forget the responsibility that goes along with it.

Personally, I have tried to live by the words of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben most of my life: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Now, most people know that I tend to be cynical about other people.  I have, over the course of my life, been amazed by just how few people demonstrate the basic common intelligence that should be the birthright of every human being.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk through the world with some sort of superiority complex, it’s really more of a frustration in the inability to get things accomplished.  Just dealing with your day work can become agonizing when you run into people who either can’t, or, in more case, won’t apply the sense God gave them.

Now, I know it feels like I’ve taken up two different subjects here, but they do intersect.  And that intersection can be among the most frightening and frustrating experiences in the world.  When you see ignorant (or just plain stupid) people given a small modicum of power the results can be stroke-inducing.  They suddenly feel the rush of having a little authority (real or, often, imagined), but they don’t know how to wield it properly.  They are, in some ways, more dangerous than the power-hungry.

More akin to a child with a loaded handgun.

I, unfortunately, have been confronted with these situations in growing volume over the last few months.  The experience has, in truth, just reinforced my cynicism and apathy.  It is a terrible feeling to feel the apathetic clouds drifting across our mind, our psyches weren’t built to simply not care.

That is where my wife, my family, my friends all come in.  They give me a solid anchor.  They remind me that the entire world hasn’t given itself over to ignorance.  I still don’t understand how so much of our society has decided to allow their intellect to decline rather than feeding it, but knowing that there are those who have not gives me that small spark of hope that keeps me going.

I just hope that we can find a way to get out of the downward spiral.  The human mind is a gift, but it is also a responsibility that must be maintained.  If you are doing nothing to feed it then ignorance is just the first symptom of your decay to mindlessness.


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