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We, as a species, are certainly shrewd negotiators.  Amongst ourselves we are gifted.  It never ceases to amaze me how often we hear stories of one person or group managing to bilk hundreds or even thousands of people out of their personal fortunes, no matter how small.  It just goes to show that no matter how removed from the rest of the animal kingdom we are (whether you believe that to be evolutionary or intelligent design), we are still the most ruthless and brutal predators in the world.  I mean, how often do you see other predators preying on their own kind?

But, as good as we are in wheeling and dealing with one another nothing compares to two deals that we made so far back that we don’t even remember the times when they weren’t in place.  Somewhere in the dark swirls of our collective history we managed to configure two other species, two other species known for their unquestioning loyalty, to give us their undying loyalty and affection.  No matter what.

I speak, of course, or dogs and horses.

We made the greatest deals ever when we signed these two up.  And yet, despite their loyalty, service, and love we still treat them as objects.  We still are so cruel to them that we need organizations doing the job of “Rescue” for these animals.

I have endured, and commented on at times, the cruelty visited upon these creatures.  I have helped where I can, but so much more is needed than I can provide.  I have felt the rage of the revelations surrounding Michael Vick.  I have read stories in local papers about horse found so emaciated you wondered how they continued to stand.  I have wept.  I have prayed.  I have given what I am able to the causes helping these cast-off companions who simply wanted a kind hand to pat them on the head or stroke their mane.

Then, this morning, I ran across another tale of woe in the tapestry of man’s cruelty to canine.  A dumping ground outside of Houston, TX where people dump unwanted and abused animals.  A place where these creatures scrap with one another for a bit of sustenance because the humans who took them in, and took responsibility for them, failed to live up to their promises.

One advocate and rescue worker calls the place the “Corridor of Cruelty.”

I call it a disgusting indictment of man’s penchant for predatory behavior against those, human and otherwise, who offer undying loyalty and unquestioning love.

I try not to get political here at the Jungle Gym.  Politics and religion, as they say, are two  topics sure to end in hurt feelings and anger.  But, I would ask that everyone who reads my blog think about the cast-off animals in your community.  Do what you can to help.  They deserve our attention, too.  I would also encourage everyone to visit The Animal Rescue Site.  With one click each day you can help, if you have an iPhone consider the TouchToGive App which gives you access to The Animal Rescue Site, as well as others, even more conveniently.

These animals have no voices of their own.  If they did, in their loyalty they would probably remain silent.  Speak for them.  Please.


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