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Summer in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania is, in many ways, delineated by two events.  The yearly Fireman’s Carnival in June marks its beginning and the similarly yearly Fuzzy Few Carnival marks its decline.

And, before you ask the Fuzzy Few Organization is a local charitable group.  I’m not entirely clear on the history of their moniker and no website exists for them.  I have overheard members speaking about some sort of fundraising event that involved the growing of beards at their start but cannot vouch for the veracity of the tale.

But, I digress.

While I enjoy the Fireman’s Carnival, there is something about Fuzzy Few that makes it feel like a somewhat superior enterprise.  I can’t say for sure what it is, but my wife claims it is my obsession with the rat wheel game. Be that as it may, the one other thing that Fuzzy Few brings each year, which the Fireman’s Carnival often lacks, is Spin Art.

Now, I may have a strange fascination for betting a quarter on which colored hole a rodent will choose when dropped on a spinning platform, but my wife is equally obsessed with Spin Art.  And, I have to admit there is something about it that does attract, despite my failure to participate myself.

Things like spin art are an instant ticket back to a time when all we cared about was having a cool bike and running through sprinklers on our front lawn.  For just a few moments we can be kids again and appreciate the small things in life.  Suddenly the sounds and smells of the carnival grounds are that much richer and more appealing.

It’s nice to have a chance to get that feeling from time to time, especially during the summer.

Somehow for that short while that we strolled among the flashing lights, bingo callers, game barkers, and fair food I let go of all my troubles and was just myself again enjoying a summer evening with someone I loved.  There’s magic in a carnival.  It’s a magic that can make us shed even the heaviest of our troubles at the midway gates and remember who we truly are.

Sometimes it takes Spin Art to remind us of the good stuff.


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