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My family has a tradition of entering the halls of education.  My mother was an elementary school teacher who left an indelible mark behind on countless students.  My brother is a teacher of drama who brings his passion and love for the theatrical arts to his students in what, I can only guess, is inspiring fashion.  And, my sister holds a doctorate and is seeking tenure track for her chosen discipline of children’s literature.

Heck, I even considered the teaching path for a time.  But, I doubt I would make much of a teacher, I’m much more comfortable with my machines.

However, one thing that all the exposure to those walking the halls of academia has given me is an appreciation for the process and importance of education.  This, combined with my well-known geek cred makes the concept of cyber-schooling a fascinating one to me.

I know there are countless arguments in the halls of education and government regarding the concept, but one does have to admit the idea holds a certain level of elegance, at least at a conceptual level.  So often in today’s society we develop incredible new technologies that we fail to leverage into improvement in the way we function.  In some ways, we have become much more interested in what we can do than in what application we have for the accomplishments we manage.

But here, it seems, is the leveraging of technology in a truly practical and positive sense.  Yes, there are potential issues.  Socialization is a concern.  Security, both of our children and of the educational process, is definitely a concern.  But, simple measures can be taken to address these concerns without changing the fundamental practicality of the delivery of education through existing electronic infrastructure.

The early adopters of the cyber-school concepts are truly pioneers in a new educational frontier.  Education in general is going through growing pains at this point in time as old techniques struggle to keep up with a rapidly changing world.  One has to wonder, in fact, whether individuals educated though today’s cyber-schools and their techniques might be better prepared for the working world they will enter that is increasingly leveraging these technologies to do business in a better way.My greatest fear, as we move into these territories, is that education will continue to become more of a political issue and less of an issue regarding the overall well-being of our nation, our culture, and our society.

Yesterday’s politics should not be the shaping force that drives the way we develop and shape the minds of the men and women that will lead us into tomorrow.


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