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One of my biggest weaknesses in this world is Coca-Cola.  I am a self-admitted Coke junkie.  I have Coca-Cola bear ornaments for my Christmas tree.  Catching a flash of red with the Coca-Cola script out of the corner of my eye is guaranteed to draw my attention.

Hello, my name is Matthew and I’m an addict.  I took a swig 5 minutes ago and am carrying a bottle of Coke in my hand right now.  Kinda sad, I know.

Such is life.

What I, like other aficionados of Coke I know, will tell you is that there is a definite difference.  Most fountain Coke is crap because the restaurants refuse to keep the mix correct.  Coke out of plastic bottles is a mixed bag.  It’s always good, but there are times when you hit a particularly good batch and have to truly savor it.  But, the absolute best Coca-Cola is out of the classic glass bottle.

Unfortunately, these, while not extinct, have become increasingly difficult to find and expensive over the years.  Gone are the days of my youth when you would pick up a six-pack of bottles at the grocery store and return them for a deposit at the beginning of the next week’s shopping trip.  I miss those days.

But, my wife and I made a discovery a few weeks ago.  We were making the rounds at the local Costco, trolling for samples and such, when we spotted the stacks of plastic sealed trays of Coca-Cola.  In bottles.  GLASS bottles.  I admit, I was mesmerized and probably approached the display in a zombie-like state of transcendence.  But, upon examination I noticed much of the labeling on said package was in…Spanish?

I was understandably confused for a moment.  But, then the treasure I had found truly sunk in.  This, my friends, was Mexican Coca-Cola.  Now, this may sound like a downgrade to some of you, but bear with me.  Not only was this liquid crack bottled in the classic glass bottles of my youth, but check the ingredients.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  What was that second ingredient?  SUGAR! Well, then where is the high fructose corn syrup?  Really?  Not there?

::Happy Dance::

Real sugar.  Glass Bottles.  Viva la Damn Mexico!

So, we drove away from Costco poorer in funds, but richer in bubbly goodness.  As we did my wife made an interesting point.  We had just paid what was really a premium price for a product made by an American company that was either exported from here and then re-imported or, more likely, made overseas and imported into the States.  When I looked at it like that I had a moment of buyer’s remorse.  A moment that quickly disappeared the second I had my first sip of perfectly chilled, glass-bottled, sugar sweetened Coca-Cola.

Enjoy Coca-Cola, indeed!


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