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Well, I’m back.  My sincerest apologies for my absence.  Monday saw me having technical issues with my connectivity that had me arguing with my provider and yesterday saw me spending the day preparing for an interview this morning which lasted ten minutes before I was told I was overqualified and they were sorry for wasting my time.

Joy upon joy, for sure.

However, rather than dwelling upon these things I have other issues I wish to discuss.  Namely, human shallowness and narcissism,

The other day my wife sent me this article.  As an animal lover, and a staunch supporter of the rights of our less talkative brethren on this planet, one would think I would be overjoyed by this development.  And, yes, it does make me happy that steps are being taken in the right direction on these issues.  However, I find it difficult to applaud L’Oreal for these steps.  They have consistently been among the worst offenders in animal testing and are making this move not because of any real change in attitude, but because of regulations in the EU.

Animal testing in general in a terrible thing.  I can understand a certain level of the activity in some medical research, but there has to be limits and rules.  And there are many rules in place.  Not enough, by my estimation, but they are there.  However, the testing that is done for cosmetics purposes, frankly, makes me ill.

And it is all in the name of narcissism when you get down to it.

We, as a species, make so many snap judgments about one another based on nothing but appearances.  The problem is that once that first impression is imprinted it is often hard to overcome, no matter how wrong it truly is.  And so, we carefully set our masks in place each day to make sure that the right impression is communicated.

All of that make-up, all of those layers of trendy or professional clothing, everything about what we present to the world is a carefully choreographed charade.

I left my house this morning wearing a black pinstripe suit.  That’s not me, that’s who I wanted to be seen as.  Everyone plays the game sometimes, no matter how much we profess otherwise.  We all put on airs and don our masks, whether from time to time or every day.  It is simply part of the human experience.  I understand that.  I know it is not going to change.  But, why should animals suffer and die so that we can have that perfect shade of eyeshadow?

Why is more misery be brought into this world simply to allow us to be pretty?  Is there not enough pain and death already?


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