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I am a sports fan.  And, I have been known to get a little wound up about my teams from time to time.  But, I must say there are certain teams out there that just have fan bases whose obnoxious behavior is so legendary it just makes one shake their head.

I’m looking at you Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, some of the most ridiculous fan behavior comes during college football season.  Something about the combination of alumni loyalty, student zeal, and copious amounts of alcohol makes for some very interesting behavior on Saturday afternoons.   Now, having lived for quite a while in central Pennsylvania I have developed a certain affinity for Penn State by the simple osmosis of living here.  I have no direct connection to the school, but it’s hard not to join in on their enthusiasm when the whole region turns blue and white on Saturdays.

As a tangential fan of he Nittany Lions I have, by extension, grown a certain level of ire for Ohio State.  And, I have found that, in many cases, their fans often fall into the category mentioned above.  Those OSU guys are awfully uppity for a team whose mascot is essentially a nut.

Thus I found myself laughing when I read this story about an attack bu Ohio U’s mascot on Ohio State’s.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not advocating violence in the world of sports mascots.  But, anyone who finds OSU annoying has got to think this is a little funny.

And you have to admire the guy’s dedication.  The tries out for mascot, this plan already in mind.  Then ends up dropping out of Ohio to go to a different school, and yet continues to do duties as Ohio’s mascot for no other reason than to get a shot at Brutus Buckeye.  This means, of course, that the OSU mascot got jumped by an Ohio mascot that was not even an Ohio student, he was just a guy with a grudge in a bobcat outfit.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

(By the way, Congrats to the Jungle Gym on reaching post 250!!)


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