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Politics, it seems, is becoming less and less of a taboo here at the Jungle Gym.  I generally have tried to avoid them, but sometimes there is something out there that just has to be addressed.  Some of you might wonder why I even care about this story, after all it is regarding a Congressional district in Central Florida not Central Pennsylvania.  But, I believe that with something this egregious all of us should care.

I speak of the race between Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson and his Republican opponent Daniel Webster for the Congressional seat in Florida’s 8th District.  I don’t know much about either man.  One side will tell you that Grayson is the devil incarnate, a man of little to no character willing to do anything and everything to win and increase his power.  The other side will tell you Webster is an extreme fundamentalist who won’t stop until we all live under his fundamentalist philosophy.

Where either stands on any given issue (something which seems to be less and less important these days) I have no idea.  But, despite that I know, without a doubt that Grayson would never get my vote for crossing guard, let alone a Congressional seat.  And before you go off half cocked, this has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with character.

Grayson’s campaign recently released this attack ad:

Shocking right?  How could anyone in modern America truly preach the submissive card for women?  This man has got to be the most radical Christian fundamentalist ever to walk the face of the Earth.  We can’t have a wacko like that in Congress.

Well, there’s a small problem here.  All of these comments are taken out of context.  Who cares, you say?  Politicians take things out of context all the time?  He still said the things?  Well, there’s out of context and there’s out of context.  Here is the original footage that was edited for the ad.

Pretty striking, eh?  It’s amazing what editing out just a few words can do to the meaning of a sentence.  And how did Mr. Grayson react when called taking his opponent out of context?  According to (full article here) it was thus:

“That’s completely not true,” Grayson said. “He said what he said and he’s been trying to run from his record now, now that it’s been exposed.”

“It’s not that I’m taking his words out of context,” he added. “It’s that he’s so embarrassed by his positions he won’t defend them.”

Later Grayson added.
“It’s a 30 minute speech,” he said. “And a 30 second ad of course we had to compress it in order to be able to convey it.”

As for his comparison of Webster to the Taliban, Grayson refused to back down.

“The Taliban are radical fundamentalists who want to impose their views on everyone else through the law,” he said. ” Daniel Webster and the sect he belongs to the IBLP are radical fundamentalists who want to impose their views on the rest of us through the law.”

“What’s the difference?”

Pardon me if I offend, but, what a scumbag.  If you have to resort to trickery and deceit to win an election what is that victory truly worth?  I have a message for you, Florida.  If you re-elect a man of such low moral fiber you deserve what you get.  Webster may not be the answer to the proper representation of your district.  I couldn’t say.  But, I can tell you I wouldn’t want to be represented by someone like Grayson.


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