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I am baffled by humanity.  My fellow man makes precious little more sense to me than an alien from Betelgeuse.  Oh, I understand the basics, after all I did take Biology in high school.  I get the workings of man from a mechanical, perspective.  At least as much as any non-medical degreed individual can.  It is the behavior of people that sometimes gets me scratching my head.  Sometimes we can just be so…..random.

I had one of those moments yesterday.

Let me start by giving a little background.  When my wife and I settled into our current living arrangements the area across the street from us was a large field of corn screened by a lovely treeline.  This combined with the lack of any street lighting in our area and the lack of neighbors closer than 100 yards made for wonderful stargazing.

Unfortunately, it was not to last.  A few years ago one of the nearby churches bought up the land for a new school building.  They proceeded to tears down the corn and, inexplicably, the screening treeline as well.  Down came nature, up went a new school complete with parking and sodium vapor lighting.  The stargazing views are much diminished.

One of the consequences of having this school so close (and without the treeline which I still don’t understand the removal of) is that recess, sports, picnics, pretty much anything that happens at that school might as well be happening in my front yard from an auditory standpoint.  It isn’t unusual for me to be able to pick out the actually conversations at times.

This factor was the enabling situation for yesterday’s oddball event.

As I sat at my computer working at the job of finding a job yesterday afternoon I suddenly heard music begin.  Confused at first I checked to see if I had inadvertently started or left running a program that was now serenading me with no warning.  I had not.  It was about this time that the music catalog in my brain identified it.

It was “The Electric Slide.”

I am not a hater of the Electric Slide.  However, it is my belief that this particular song has an appropriate time and place.  Wedding receptions.  Cruise ships.  Parties full of drunk people who couldn’t dance sober and have seen their skills deteriorate even further with the introduction of alcohol.  Where it doesn’t belong is drifting inexplicably through my home office on a Monday afternoon in October.  That is simply not an appropriate time for “boogie woogie woogie.”

Once I realized that my computer was not the source of the music I quickly ascertained that the sound came from outside.  Moving to my porch I gazed across the street trying to determine the reasons for the sudden burst of electric boogie.  I could see no real reason for it, and as I endeavored to solve the mystery the song ended and silence reigned.  (Well, as much silence as I get when the kids are at recess over there.)

The music never returned.  Not “The Electric Slide.” Not any other overused party tune.  Nothing.  Just the sounds of children at play and silence.

I walked back into the house shaking y head in confusion.  What would possess a Christian school to suddenly play “The Electric Slide” at high volume in the middle of a Monday afternoon?  If the music was part of some sort of celebration, party, or exercise regimen why the single play of the song with no others to follow?  Why does anyone actually own a copy of “The Electric Slide” that they can play inexplicably at the drop of a hat?

Like I said, humanity baffles me.


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