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As I have discussed before, being out of work, frankly, sucks.  I’m not built to take a hand out from the government and it’s hard to maintain that sense of self-respect and self-worth when you don’t feel like your pulling your weight.  However, I’m finding out that there is another aspect to the jobless situation that is just pull your hair out frustrating.


I know.  You would think that scheduling would be a piece of cake given the large swathes of time I’m not working.  Lately I’ve actually been getting a few nibbles at my resume and have even had an interview or two.  These are happy things to have occur, but they have thrown a distinct monkey wrench into things.

You see, with the obligations my wife has had with the Playhouse combined her normal stress and my stress from being out of work we had decided that it might do us some good to get away for a bit.  We had just begun the process of scheduling some time at a beach house down in South Carolina that we have access to when the interviewing flood gates cracked open.  The result may not have been a flood, but it was a few opportunities that looked promising.

This is me cheering for a shot at getting back to work.  Then this is me realizing that if I am starting a new job the beach is going to have to be a memory.  Now, I’m grown up enough to have my priorities straight.  A job is much more important than a vacation so there really isn’t any choice to be made here.  But, playing the waiting game on whether or not I got said job is maddening enough without the added scheduling issues smothered on top.

The possibility of employment has made it difficult to plan a lot of things.  I have so many things floating around out there in a holding pattern that I wonder when I’m going to overload the system and they will all come crashing down.

Don’t get me wrong.  I want to work.  Work is good.  But, it would be nice to have the ability to say to friends and family that a date we are planning to do something is a firm plan.

So frustrating. <sigh>


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  1. I hear you there brother. I have had the same situation. Although I have had less nibbles on the fishing pole of job hunting that you have had. I am hoping something breaks soon.

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