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Hello again, everyone.

I apologize for the tardiness that has defined this week at the Jungle Gym.  This week has been a bit hectic, and my time to get to the keyboard has been a bit sporadic.  I have, however, caught up the posts for the week as well as “Victuals & Hootch” and “Mixed Media.”  The review that should have gone up yesterday will be posted today shortly after the weekly MovieDruid posting.

That being said, this week offers two very different releases, but continues the trend of getting scary movies out for October.  We should see the wrap up of the yearly horror-fest of releases wrapping up within the next week or so.

And then, of course, we’re moving into holiday season.

So, let’s take a peek at this week’s releases…

Paranormal Activity 2


Synopsis: The terror continues as a young couple copes with a potentially evil spirit in their suburban home.

MovieDruid’s Comments: I did not get a chance to see last year’s “Paranormal Activity.”  The release was a bit limited in this area and there were several other films out simultaneously that trumped it each week.  It remains on my list of films to catch up on.  This sequel appears to be more of the same.  And, while as someone who missed the original, this one intrigues me a bit, I have to wonder if I would be as interested had I managed to catch the original film since its release last year.  The concept is interesting, but I have to admit this quasi-documentary style films are beginning to get a bit old.  Leave he camera work which is often so jiggly when handheld that some people have to look away from the screen or feel sick, the style just seems to lend itself to laziness.  After all, you don’t need a deep plot or engaging story if you can play on the “fact” that you are looking at “genuine footage.”  This one just feels like second run fodder.

“Hereafter” – MovieDruid Pick of the Week


Synopsis: “Hereafter” tells the story of three people who are touched by death in different ways. George is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie, a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus, a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might — or must — exist in the hereafter.

MovieDruid’s Comments: I have always been a fan of Clint Eastwood.  As an actor he is one of the greats of his generation, a legend.  But, as a director he is an absolute phenomenon having brought us “Blood Work,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Changeling,” “Gran Torino,” and “Invictus” among others.  And here he is venturing into a different territory altogether….again.  And yet again he has found a lead in Matt Damon (“The Bourne Identity” & “The Departed”) who is the sort of actor that raises the game of everyone around him.  If history has taught us anything about Eastwood it is that we can never be truly prepared for the journey he takes us on.  I for one look forward to the ride.


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