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I am a big proponent of animal rights.  I truly believe that we, as humans, have allowed ourselves to becomes far too comfortable with the idea of animals being not only inferior to us but also being simple objects or possessions that we can do with as we will.  The absolute loyalty and trust that we receive from our pets is far too often grossly disrespected.

I want to believe that most people see animals as living, feeling beings just like us, but the news seems filled with stories of the horror that our species visits upon others on a regular basis.

Then I read this article, and I regained a little of my hope.

Suffolk County decided to take a stand.  They stood up and said that we are no longer going to allow these things to happen.  Finally, someone is recognizing that the problem is there and needs to be addressed.

Now, I’m not naive enough to believe that this is going to cause a cease to animal cruelty.  After all, despite the stance they are taking, Suffolk County is still only one county in one state of the larger nation.  Their law cannot be enforced outside of their limited jurisdiction.  And, while they have taken a first step, it is like a drop in the bucket.

But, someone has to be the standard-bearer.  Someone has to see the injustice being done and have the courage to step forth and decry it rather than simply looking the other way and hurrying pas.  No revolutionary idea, no matter how good, will ever get off the ground until someone is willing to stand up for it.

And Suffolk County did just that.

So, hats off to the leaders of Suffolk County.  It is never easy being first to adopt such steps.  Here’s to pioneers of justice.  May the rest of the country follow suit.


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