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Of late, my job search has seemed to enter a new region.  Where I initially was getting very few bites on the resumes I was sending out, recently I have been getting more calls not only from these resumes but also from recruiters finding my resume on various job boards.  This, in turn, has led to the beginnings of the most nerve-wracking portion of the job search process:  The Interview.

I have gone on several so far, and I have decided one thing.  Interviewing is bad, interviewing for technical positions is worse.  Now, I’m sure there are other positions that have equally difficult interviewing processes, but technical interviews are crazy.

It can be bad enough, especially for someone who isn’t terribly good at the “sell yourself” thing, to sit there and try to answer all their personality and behavioral questions in a way that leaves you looking like a confident and solid candidate without straying into arrogant and insincere territory.  But, after all of that, you have a whole new battery of questions to make sure you know what your resume claims.

I have pretty solid troubleshooting skills.  No one does tech support for any period of time and comes out sane unless they develop those skills.  I’m also tenacious when it comes to issues, I don’t like to let a problem beat me.  And all of that amounts to exactly zero when I am trying to pull the proper methodology for diagnosing an issue while sitting in a suit in an uncomfortable office chair with nary a mouse or keyboard at hand.

When it comes to tech you learn to prioritize the things that are at your fingertips in your mental card file.  Everything else is ties to a myriad of references to sites, resources, and notes.  The important thing is never really being able to spout off the answer from memory.  It’s about being able to lay hand on the correct answer quickly.  Knowing where to find the data is more important than banking it in your gray matter, the data will change too often for that to be of any use anyway.

But, still I sit in those chairs or on the phone and try to sound like I have a clue.  Intellectually I know what the answer is, but often at a high level that would need resources or specifics to clarify.

Thus, you never really get a good feel for how you did on the technical interview.  You just hope, pray, and try to have confidence in your skills.



As I hope all of my readers know, it is Election Day.  I don’t care what your politics are, I don’t care who you vote for, I just care that you get out there and VOTE!!

It goes beyond not complaining if you don’t vote.  This nation ceases to be the Republic it was founded to be if the people do not exercise their right, and duty, to vote.  So, get out to the polls, no excuses!!


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