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Greetings, to you all.

First, allow me to convey my congratulations.  I can imagine a campaign is a grueling process that is both physically and emotionally draining.  You worked hard to get your name and platform out there and your message obviously resonated with your constituency on some level.  Well done.

But, as much as I know you are probably exhausted, it is now that the real work begins.  It is important that you remember that you weren’t running for a position of power but a position of service.  The election was a job interview and the people gave you the job.  Your shiny new title is impressive, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility and very little true privilege.

At least that’s how it should be.

Those of us out here in America have spoken.  We have selected the men and women who will walk the halls of power.  And, while we understand that there is power in every elected position, it is important that you remember that the power in those halls is derived from the people.  The citizenry of this great nation are the true power.  You, and your colleagues, are representations of that strength.

I don’t truly care what party you are from.  I have my personal political beliefs as well, but they don’t enter into this discussion.  Every elected official in this nation, from the councilman in the smallest town to the President of the United States, has chosen a career of civil service.  You sought after, and won, a job with very heavy responsibility.

We expect you to live up to that.

You have a duty to faithfully represent your constituents.  Everything you do should have their best interests at heart.  To truly live up to the standard set down by our Founding Fathers you should offer no special consideration or favors to any one individual or group.  Is this a realistic measure?  Many would say it is not.  But, I believe that men and women of true character to live up to the calling.

Right now, we celebrate and cheer with you.  We slap you on the back, shake your hand, and offer hearty congratulations.  Bask in these moments, you have earned them.  But when you stand up and take the oath that will install you into office, whatever office that might be, listen carefully to what you are saying.

Keep your promises.  Secure our trust.  Serve with humility and respect.  Seek not privilege or give anyone undue influence over you.  And always remember that your guiding principles should derive from the will of your constituents and the Constitution.


Matthew F.

Keeper of the Jungle Gym


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  1. Amen to that brother.

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