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Tomorrow is an important day for this country.  It is Veteran’s Day.  For many, that equates to not much more than an extra day off work or school, but it really should mean much more than that.  It should be a day of remembrance, memorial, and solemn gratitude.

As Americans we set a standard for the world to follow when we founded our nation.  We created a place of freedom and liberty for all men and women.  And, while there have been many bumps along the road, we have weathered the storms the world has thrown at us with courage and tenacity.

And this courage and tenacity was born from the brave sacrifice of the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States military.

The members of our military have answered a high calling.  They have put aside much of what is important to them on a personal level to fight, and too often die, in the defense of freedom and American interests the world over.  Every day they are separated from hearth and home, often in places hostile wo their presence, protecting the ideals that were put forth in our founding documents.

There is nothing political about this holiday.  This isn’t about whether you agree with this conflict or that.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe we should have troops here or there.  The truth is they are there, or have been.  They have been in harm’s way, regardless of your feeling on the reasons, and they are there because they were called to defend this nation.  You need not support the war, but our soldiers deserve your support.

From that day in 1775 on Bunker Hill to today in the dusty hills of Afghanistan, extraordinary men and women have answered the call.  They know what price they may pay, but march forth anyway.  They do it for duty.  They do it for honor.  They do it for us.  And we owe it to them to always remember.

So, I say thank you to all vets out there.  I sincerely admire them and consider them all heroes.  And, special thanks to the two solders closest to me, Daniel Smith and Dennis Hardman.  Thank you for your service, you both have my admiration.


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